Strateškim jacanjem vidljivosti i ucinka rada Europskog ombudsmana želim pomoci institucijama EU-a da postanu ucinkovitije, transparentnije i odgovornije.

Emily O'Reilly, 30. lipnja 2014.
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System of unpaid trainees in EU foreign delegations should end

The European Ombudsman has recommended that the European External Action Service pay all of its trainees an appropriate allowance to allow greater access for young people of all backgrounds.

Draft guidelines for public officials' interactions with lobbyists

The European Ombudsman has drawn up practical guidelines for public officials' interactions with interest representatives and is inviting comments from all interested parties. You can send us your feedback until 28 February 2017.

Ombudsman calls on President Juncker to clarify position on Barroso appointment

The European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has called on President Juncker to clarify the Commission’s position on former Commission President Barroso’s appointment as non-executive chairman and adviser at Goldman Sachs.

Delay in chemicals testing

The Ombudsman in February opened a strategic inquiry into the delay in the European Commission's handling of over 200 proposals to test chemicals to determine potential harm to human reproductive health. The inquiry aims to find out ...

Transparency of trilogues

The European Ombudsman called for more transparency of EU law-making by publishing key documents in informal trilogues negotiations

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Što radimo

Europski ombudsman istražuje pritužbe o nepravilnostima u djelovanju institucija, tijela, ureda i agencija EU-a.

Pritužbu Ombudsmanu mogu uložiti građani i prebivatelji država članica EU-a. Isto tako mogu se pritužiti poduzeća, udruge i druge pravne osobe s registriranim sjedištem u državi članici EU-a.

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Tko smo

Emily O'Reilly preuzela je dužnost Europske ombudsmanice 1. listopada 2013.

Radila je kao pucka pravobraniteljica u Irskoj i kao povjerenica za informiranje u Irskoj (2003.-2013.) te je nagradivana politicka urednica, izvjestiteljica i spisateljica.

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Naša institucija ima kvalificirano, višejezicno osoblje.

To znaci da vašu pritužbu možemo rješavati na vašem jeziku kao jednom od 24 službena jezika EU-a. Takoder smo predani tome da svoju uslugu ucinimo potpuno pristupacnom osobama s invaliditetom.

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How it works

Who can turn to the European Ombudsman?

Citizens, NGOs, associations, businesses, universities, journalists...

  • With complaints concerning an EU institution, office or agency
  • Who have already tried to solve the problem with the EU body concerned
  • When the issue is not over two years old
  • Where there is no other legal action underway

The Ombudsman can help with

  • Unfair treatment by EU bodies
  • Problems with EU tenders/contracts
  • Late payments from EU funds
  • Refused access to documents
  • Delays in dealings with EU bodies
  • Undisclosed or improper lobbying

What can the Ombudsman do?

  • Follow-up your complaint with the EU body
  • Help find a fair solution to your problem
  • Issue recommendations to EU bodies
  • Inspect EU documents

How to contact the Ombudsman?

  • You can contact the Ombudsman in the 24 official EU languages
  • Fill out the easy online complaint form
how to contact the ombudsman

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      Decision in case 1375/2016/JAS on the European Commission’s handling of concerns regarding the renewal of the approval of the herbicide ingredient glyphosate