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Administrative law

Model Rules on EU Administrative Procedures

On September 1st 2014, the Research Network on EU Administrative Law (ReNEUAL) published a set of Model Rules on EU Administrative Procedures. They are available on the ReNEUAL website: www.reneual.eu.

The European Ombudsman supported the ReNEUAL project over several years. Following a meeting with the ReNEUAL Steering Committee in 2010, the Ombudsman hosted a conference in March 2012, at which ReNEUAL members explained their idea to draft rules that would make sense both as a legislative proposal and as a persuasive synthesis of principles to be found in the existing law. As the project progressed, members of the Ombudsman's staff provided information, commented on drafts and participated actively in two conferences held in 2013.

ReNEUAL presented the results of its work at a second joint conference with the Ombudsman in May 2014. The ReNEUAL team then finalised the text of the Model Rules taking account of the conference discussions.

In her closing remarks at the May 2014 conference, the Ombudsman said this:

The enormous work the Research Network in European Union Administrative law has undertaken and successfully accomplished over the five years since it was founded makes more visible, and more understandable, the administrative framework through which the EU institutions carry out their functions. I am convinced that this work could have a significant long-term impact in helping the EU institutions to live up to their own best selves by acting fairly, transparently, effectively and in a way that is open to participation by affected interests and by citizens generally.

The ReNEUAL Model Rules will provide a valuable source of inspiration as the Ombudsman carries out her mission to serve democracy by working with the institutions of the European Union to create a more effective, accountable, transparent and ethical administration.